Royalty Rolls

High quality ┃ Assembled in Amsterdam┃ Sustainable Materials ┃ Built to survive

High quality ┃ Assembled in Amsterdam┃ Sustainable materials ┃ Built to survive

We build suitcases for a royal travel experience.

Sustainable materials

We only use sustainable materials that are lightweight and guarantee durability. Our hard case suitcases are made of high quality ABS and polypropylene. Our soft case suitcases are made of premium polyester fabrics.


Every collection is available in a set of three or four suitcases. This provides you with variety in size and helps us minimize our transport carbon footprint.


For weekend gateways or long trips.




Extra groot┃check-in

Become a dealer

We exclusively sell to B2B partners around the world. With low MOQs and attractive prices, we make selling our products accessible and highly profitable. 

Airline requirements

Every Royalty Rolls suitcase meets the requirements of every airline.

Assembled in Amsterdam

Every Royalty Rolls suitcase is designed in Amsterdam where most are also assembled.

Quality tested

Every Royalty Rolls suitcases is extensively exposed to heavy duty quality testing.